Naturalness, sense of taste and cure constitute eminent features of Turkish cuisine. Turks, on account of the experiences they have gained for eras, have cared for the foods richly ornamenting their dining table to have benefical, delicious and energetic features. Indeed, they have gained great proficiency in such matters as how to cook any foodstuffs without spoiling its nature, making them more delicious and handling some of foodstuffs that could last long. In that manner, they, with a sensitive delight, turned the dining table and the food into an art by cooking the meat that best suits the meal made of, serving the kind of Şerbet (sweetened fruit juice) that would best suit the meal served with. Thus, Darüzziyafe exists by this taste and ardour of being heir of such a rich inheritance.
We, uniting our historical cuisine with present Anatolian cuisine , desire to welcome both our
people and our guests coming to our Country, to taste precious tastes of rich Turkish Cuisine in a wonderful Turkish atmosphere. We are in effort of making our guests to have kinds of the foods that kept our ancestors fit, healthy and merry. With this effort, we have been preparing the most outstanding samples of the foods of our unique cuisine the number of which are expressed by thousands and serving from oil proportion to cooking methods in accordance with its origin in every respect.
You may have your meal with the accompanying music that gives peace to your soul, try tens of kinds of Şerbets and desserts, have a pleasent time in a pure place where our cuisine that has
turned towards to disappear is saved here at Daruzziyafe.
Nowadays that all tastes are made artificial, we invite you to taste the foods that are essence to
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Dârüzziyafe Türkçe
Sultan Suleyman the Magnificant commissioned the Suleymaniye Mosque, which was designed by             more
In every corner of Darüzziyafe, you can feel the history.
Darüzziyafe, is also a product of our history,                    more
Our guests wrote impressions about Dârüzziyafe. Please click to see.                                                        more
Dârüzziyafe Cuisine
   Dârüzziyafe Turkish Cuisine was settled in the Suleymaniye Complex, which is one of
the imposing edifices of                    more
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Turkish kitchen is a highly
rich culture. Turks used to
regard health and
nutrition as
important notions, 

 Cuisine Foundation

"Dârüzziyafe is member of  the foundation of research, develeopment and persistence of Turkish cuisine culture. 

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